Wednesday, December 29, 2010

generations of sweet dreams..

... waiting for a sweet baby girl.

Monday, December 27, 2010


ahh! only one week left until our due date! I cannot wait to hold this little girl.
Next appointment is december 30th, so hopefully I'll have an update of what's going on in there, if there is any progress.
I hope she comes sooooon.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Violet's nursery

Just a few more finishing touches, and little Violet's nursery is finished! I love the final look of the room, and it turned out pretty close to my original ideas.
I was hoping for a space for a little girl to feel like a little girl, a place she can grow into and hopefully let her imagination run wild. I wanted a vintage feel but with some fresh pops of colour to keep it lively. I also loved the idea of incorporating a woodland vibe, so there are little forest friends and flowers throughout the room.

click here to see the rest of the photos! :)

now I just need little miss Violet to arrive!

DIY projects:
- branch with cherry blossoms made of felt, and a pearl bead
- "V" made of white cordoruy and pink cotton, stuffed
- refinished the furniture:
- dressers painted first aqua to match the wall then white washed over, then new hardware
- green table spray painted (on top of a paper stencil I cut and glued on) then sanded to look aged
- 'cinderella' paper bunting & mini bunting, cut scrapbook paper and sewn onto ribbon, white paper birds cut out and added after hanging
- paper globes from a tutorial found here by Heather Bailey
- tissue paper pom poms (search martha stewart for an easy tutorial)
- painted picture frames and mirror

Second hand, family collectibles, or vintage finds:
- crib
- all art prints
- V letter block
- yellow bunny
- metal kitty hook, dragonflies and thermometer key
- books
- porcelain figurines

pretty & new:
- restoration hardware:
- curtains & valance, cherry blossom pillow, crib bumper
- all hardware from anthropologie
- from target, shabby chic collection:
- crib sheet, baby quilt & rug
- owl stuffed animal
- Ikea:
- futon, bookcase, white cherry blossom lamp, pink bins, fox stuffed animals
- keepsake box from burlington coat factory
- eyelet lanterns, walmart martha stewart collection
- chandelier from Canadian Tire

Monday, December 13, 2010

oh yah.. updates!

So I clearly have not been updating the blog, but I think about updating it mostly every week... that counts for something right?

anyways, this pregnancy has been a whirlwind of ups and downs! It feels like it has flown by, where as with Colt I felt like I was pregnant for 2 years.. and now he is 2 years old! ahh, time is going too fast these days.

I am now 37 weeks pregnant, officially full term and I can't wait to meet little baby girl Violet Cheryl Jean Carruthers!

so, the downs of this pregnancy:
a low laying placenta, lots of cramping, a choroid plexus cyst on her brain, measuring 3 weeks behind for quite some time, some bleeding, and possibly laying transverse.

after lots of follow ups and ultrasounds, every single one of these problems, turned out to be resolved or not an issue! :) just waiting on an ultrasound next week to check her position, though I'm fairly certain she has moved again to be back in a head down position. so, all is well in the uterus!

other than the typical tiredness, raging heartburn (yay for zantac!), sciatic pain and my-belly-is-huge uncomfortableness, I'm feeling great!

the nursery is basically finished, just a few final decor things to take care of. Her clothes are all washed and sorted by size and filling the closet up nicely! When did I become such a girly girl? never would I have thought I'd want so much pink and ruffles! I love it. Having a daughter is going to be lovely.

Colt is excited I think for "baby sister by-let" to come. I think he understands, but I'm sure he may react differently once she is actually here. Oh and also, he thinks baby sister is a "good boy". This little Colt is hilarious.

also, I have a baby pool going, if you care to make some guesses about Violet's arrival date, weight, height, etc.

we did a 3D ultrasound for little miss Violet as well! It was so nice to see her in there. she had both feet in her face or on her forehead or even her little toes in her mouth! the tech said she has a big head, long fingers and feet. These were all the same things we were told about Colt, so if she's going to follow his footsteps, I'm all for having 2 of the cutest kids ever. (though the big head + labour = not fun)

pictures of the baby belly and nursery will be up soon! (no really, they will!)