Saturday, July 31, 2010

ultrasound vent

I have been waiting patiently, well mostly impatiently lol, to hear back from the maternity center as to when my next ultrasound will be booked. The tech who did my first ultrasound two weeks ago told me they would have the results at the center within a week. I called a week ago and they said they hadn't come in yet, but they will call to schedule for me when they can. Annnd so I waited another week and finally called in yesterday (being a friday). They said they never received the last ultrasound results from the technician! Now I have to wait for them to track it down before I can book my next one. They book about 4 weeks in advance though... ugh. This is the anatomy scan ultrasound done right around 20 weeks, and the one where they can tell you gender. I cannot wait!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

17 weeks

my baby bump at 16.5 weeks. :) getting big.

I love the 2nd trimester! I definitely feel better with no morning sickness and a bit more energy. It's nice to feel pregnant as well, without being overly uncomfortable! I still have a crazy sense of smell that causes me to be sick at times, but other than that I'm feeling great.

I am still waiting to hear the date of "the big ultrasound". It's usually done at 20 weeks, so it should be in the next 3-4 weeks. I cannot wait to know what we are having!

We've been making name lists and thinking about nursery ideas (okay by we I really mean me lol). Luckily we love the same names and are pretty sure we are settled for either boy or girl.. except, we'd be ending a family tradition of naming all children with the letter 'C'. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about this, but we really really love some other names. Either way, I love thinking about names, so if you have any suggestions that go with Colt and are a little bit more unique, please share! :)

As far as the nursery goes, we have a room that currently has chocolate brown walls. I'd like to try to save us from painting (by us I mean Rob) and use the brown and maybe just do one wall another colour. If it is a little girl, I know exactly the style of room I would love to do. If it's a boy, I can't think of anything other than making it just like Colt's but a bit different colour scheme. Other thoughts for a boys room were a surfing, pirate, robot, or dinosaur theme. So many possibilities!

here is my inspiration board for a nursery for a little girl:

looking to go for a sort of vintage, shabby chic, woodland feel but with some fresh pops of colour.
I love searching the net for decorating ideas!

also, last thursday (july 26th) I thought I felt the first tiny little baby kicks but wasn't quite sure. I've been feeling it randomly over the last few days and am soooo excited to be feeling these first little jabs. I'm going to enjoy it while I can because I remember all too well Colt's karate skills. :)

positive polly

the morning of may 2nd:

yay!! after eleventy billion negatives over the last year, it felt so unreal to finally see that second line appear. I am used to angling and tilting the test in different lights just looking and hoping for that line, that when it was right there in front of me, I couldn't believe it! So I took another test. And then went to the doctors to take another test. Apparently I don't believe I'm pregnant until I take basically the exact same test in an office and have a doctor tell me the results. I did this with Colt too haha. So by my calculations I believe I am 4 weeks pregnant! I guessed my due date to be January 11th (which is still my prediction).

I had always heard you start showing much sooner with your second, and it's definitely been true for me.
first picture: this pregnancy, 8.5 weeks
second picture: pregnant with Colt, 16 weeks.

I've been having lots of extreme tiredness, morning sickness, heightened sense of smell (which then causes me to be sick) and food aversions. I apparently no longer like shrimp, and I am even more in love with chocolate and pickles. I've been craving prime rib, but I'm going to hold true to my vegetarian choice. Or at least try so hard to not give in to pregnancy cravings!

I finally had my first appointment with the maternity center, the same practice that saw me through my pregnancy and birth of little Colt, on July 5th. It was so nice to hear the little baby's heartbeat! It was beating at 142bpm. I love that hummingbird sound. At the appointment the nurse practitioner thought that I was "either closer to 16 weeks than 12...or it's twins" haha how exciting that would be!

July 17th was my first ultrasound! annnd definitely not twins! and only a few days further along than I had thought. My official due date is January 4th 2011!!

Colt will be about 2 years and 3 months older. He has already been giving my belly kisses, so sweet. Now I just cannot wait to find out if it's going to be a little sister or brother!
I have a feeling it's going to be a little boy. xoxo