Saturday, July 31, 2010

ultrasound vent

I have been waiting patiently, well mostly impatiently lol, to hear back from the maternity center as to when my next ultrasound will be booked. The tech who did my first ultrasound two weeks ago told me they would have the results at the center within a week. I called a week ago and they said they hadn't come in yet, but they will call to schedule for me when they can. Annnd so I waited another week and finally called in yesterday (being a friday). They said they never received the last ultrasound results from the technician! Now I have to wait for them to track it down before I can book my next one. They book about 4 weeks in advance though... ugh. This is the anatomy scan ultrasound done right around 20 weeks, and the one where they can tell you gender. I cannot wait!!

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