Thursday, April 23, 2009

mmm mm good

today was baby food making day! colt's freezer cubes needed some replenishing, as well as finally adding a couple other items such as sweet potato and acorn squash. I also threw a couple of avocado in there, but I'm pretty sure he still hates them. he had a sample of the sweet potatoes while they were still nice and warm and he loooves them! Also I ground up some rolled oats into a powder to make him some oatmeal cereal. He likes having cereals mixed up with the cubes of pureed fruits and veggies.

sweet potatoe, acorn squash, avocado, apple, banana, & pear
the aftermath of baby food making

Also, tomorrow is a sad day. I am leaving Colt for the whole weekend!! We had our first overnight apart 2 weeks ago, but this is going to be a full weekend away from my little babe. So sad. He does not do very well with a bottle, he much prefers mommy so it's going to be rough on him. He will be with daddy on friday then grandma on saturday and sunday so he is in good hands. I have a feeling no one is going to be getting sleep. Also, I have a clogged milk duct right now that is so painful and causing flu like symptoms. I hope it goes away really quickly because it is going to be pretty rough on me as it is trying to keep my milk supply stable this weekend without Colt.

and, speaking of going away.. Colt is fast becoming a little jetsetter! Next week we have decided to drive down to West Palm Beach Florida for a nice family vacation. I cannot wait!! I'm worried about the 3 day drive for Colt in the car as well as protecting him from the sun once we are there, but it is all going to be so worth it. THEN we are only home for a couple of weeks and we are off to Victoria BC! Coast to coast. Fun adventurous times for the little boy.

And in closing... Colt's favourite thing these days.. smashing things. He loves loud noises and banging, drumming, smashing, dropping toys.. anything to make noise. Every time he gets something in his hand he has to test out how it sounds being banged. Loud, but cute!

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