Sunday, May 24, 2009

beach babe

little baby Colt is pretty well travelled for his age! we got back not long ago from beautiful West Palm Beach Florida, a two week vacation! It was so nice. Colt had a blast and many firsts. It took us a 3 day drive each way and he did very well. By the 3rd day on the way back home, he was pretty fed up but managed to not lose all control.. just got very very whiny. he did so great though overall, I'm very proud of him.

On the trip down things were going smooth, we left in the night to make it easier with Colt's sleep schedule (if you can call his crazy irregular nights a schedule, ha!). At about 3 am we ran over a rock or something and ended up with a flat tired, which Rob changed fairly quickly while I tended to Colt. BUT we left the lights on and drained the battery (ugh) and had to call AAA after all to come boost us. Over an hour at the side of the highway (120km hr speed limit!) in the middle of the night with dying four way flashers and a baby.. scary and not fun. the rest of the drive went great though!

Colt went for his first swim at the hotel the second night and looooved it! I was so happy to see he liked being in the pool. he really took to showers on this trip too. while we were in Florida he went swimming almost everyday either at the pool or the ocean. plus all the baths to rinse him off, he was in the water like 2-6 times a day!

His beach gear was pretty cute.. he hated putting the sunscreen, hat and sunglasses on and was very vocal about hating it, but once it was all on he was actually good about keeping them on. His biggest problem with being in the pool was splashing himself in the face so the glasses helped him out with that. he really enjoyed the beach too.. so much to see! the waves were a tiny bit scary but he got over them quick and loved bobbing around in the water.
(lots more pictures on facebook here)

it was my first mothers day while we were on vacation too! it was SUCH a gorgeous day. I woke up to colt & rob bringing me flowers and a card and breakfast in bed! Then we spent the day hanging out at the beach and collecting sea shells and swimming. best day ever.

while in florida he learned to clap! something we had been working on for awhile and he just started doing it while he was happy the one day. he's been clapping everyday since, usually when he is really happy! soooo cute! he often does it when you just say 'clap clap clap' now. he knows 'drum drum drum' means to pat on a surface too. i love it! he has little toy bongos as well as a real bongo drum that he gets a huge kick out of.

video of baby Colt clapping, this was one of his first few times, he claps much better now. :)

his gobabygo drum

since we have been home he has been sleeping a bit better, trying a few new foods and overall being a better eater. he likes eating 'puffs' now too and just moved onto 'mum mums'. he also started "baa" sounds in favour of "ma ma mom mom" sounds. he started waving bye bye this week and if we say "bye-bye" he says "ba-ba-ba-ba" and waves. tooo cute! he also was weighed this past week and weighs 21lbs!! little pork chop, he's growing sooo fast.

and a video of the mum mums & drums. :)

(ps. aurora got the cookie. lol)

also, this morning Colt had his first emergency room visit.. So Colt is usually very regular with his poopy diapers, 2 a day.. by evening yesterday he had none which we thought was strange but not a big deal.

He went to bed at 9:30pm and wasn't wet after his last diaper change being 7:30pm. At 1:00am still no wet diaper, which has almost never happened that he would be dry at a night wake up.. We decided we would wait for his next wake up and see before we worry. 5:00am next wake up and no wet diaper so we called the telehealth nurse and she had us try blowing on him and compressing his bladder a tiny bit. If that didn't work we should bring him to the ER... I guess after 8 hours it's a worry and warrants a trip to the hospital.

so we get to the ER by 6:00am and Colt is happy as can be, like super happy, to be on a little morning adventure. We go through the triage check up and he is laughing and smiling through the temperature taking, heartrate and blood pressure check.

As soon as we go to the waiting room.. he pees. The triage nurse said since he is in such great spirits and seems fine, we might as well go home. Fun times in the early morning hours... sigh.

(too much info alert: as of now we just fed him some prunes and are still waiting on the poopy diaper... oh the joys of parenthood!)(edited to add: he pooped. a "man" poop in robs words.. eew! poor baby)

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  1. Hi... linked your blog thru the 6-12 board. Your header, footprints in the sand, and surfboard pics are some of the cutest I've ever seen! Colt is adorable. :)