Wednesday, July 15, 2009

summer love

woooooah. so I've seriously neglected this blog! I keep meaning to write a post, but I seem to get distracted. ok, so where to begin... baby Colt has been a busy little dude.

june 6:
Colt and I went on a trip to Victoria, B.C.!! we were there for 10 days... we flew with his uncle Chad and auntie Ann and while there he met his Grandpa Craig, Great Auntie Brigitte, Great Uncle Curtis, and Great Auntie Corinne. It was so nice going out everyday in the sun on long walks and hikes, checking out the ocean, the parks, baby billy goats and duckies, butchart gardens, good meals, swimming and spending time with family. (pictures to follow soon, promise.) also, grandpa taught him how to 'cluck'. he loooves making the sound over and over. he also learned to drink from a straw. :)

june 11:
we were (mostly) all out for dinner, and I was explaining to my family about teaching Colt sign language... about 10 mins later he was all fussy and I was trying to feed him bits of food off my plate when he clear as day looked at me and signed "milk" !!!! I was like 'wow! he just did the sign for milk!' and everyone looks over and he did it again. I went and nursed him and ahh it was such a great moment. I'm so proud of him. didn't see it again for a couple of days and again after that for another few, but he has since been quite consistent with it. It's sooo nice for him to be able to communicate that to us.
june 15:
the day before we were leaving (and before 3 plane rides! ha) Colt began teething. he sprouted his top 4 front teeth all at once within a week! he now has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. holy hot cranky drooly mess. fun times on the planes... overall he did pretty good though, considering. (thanks Chad!)

june 19:
my mom taught him his first word. was it mama? dada? nope. it's "uh-oh". it's also a fun game.. throw a toy on the floor and say "uh-oh" pick it up, throw it, repeat. TOO cute. (and annoying picking up the toy over and over but so worth it)

june 29:
his 9 month appointment was short and sweet. he is still at 21lbs, and is 31" tall. we were referred to a pediatrician to make sure his head is doing ok since it's a bit on the big side. we were given the clear! yay! (the worry was hydrocephalus).

july 3:
he gave his first kisses, but it was a one night deal. he gave them to grandma then daddy then me. it melted my heart. he will not do it again though.. I think he knows how bad I want him to give me kisses so he holds out. lol

july 4:
he learned to wave hi!!! love love love it. he is really good at waving when he hears someone say hi to him, strangers at the store, when we answer the phone.. most times he hears it he waves. adorable. I'd been trying to teach this for awhile with no luck, but one day we were shopping at Ikea and he was upset so we stopped in the mirror department. he was quite fascinated with his handsome little self so I started waving and saying 'hi colt' and he started waving back. it was like it just clicked for him and he's done it ever since. he can't pass a mirror or his reflection without waving no matter if he just woke up or if he is completely crabby and crying. awwww. (see end of video below)

july 11:
he has also been very frustrated about sitting and not being able to get anywhere, until now... he can crawl!!! yup, we now have a mobile baby getting into everything. he's quite happy with himself.

he also has a new favourite toy to go with his new mobility.. a ball! he can throw it and chase it everywhere. which, brings us to the next exciting news. he can say "ball"! it doesn't sound exactly like ball, but he is getting close. if you ask him where it is he searches for it and gets it.

july 15:
today at the park we were going for a walk and my mom and I were talking and Colt was babbling excessively, and she stops and says what is he going on about?! we listened and he was saying ball ball ball ball ball... sure enough there are kids practicing soccer everywhere! aww it was sooo cute. smart little boy.

when we got home I picked up one of robs hats and he was interested so I said, 'daddy's hat' and he said "hat". it sounded more like "aught" but he tried a few times. he is really trying hard to learn everything, it is truly amazing to watch. he also tried "book" tonight.. he repeated it a few times but mostly it sounds like "ook". we'll be working on both of those lots.

also when he sees the fan he gets mesmerized so we have been saying 'round and round' and circling our arms.. he started repeating the action and if we randomly say 'round and round' he looks up for a fan and starts to move his arm around.

whew, what else?

he's enjoying the summer days and going for lots of walks. he likes swimming in the pool in our yard and trying out his little boat. he loves watching the kitties and 'petting' (grabbing) at them. I think he tried to imitate a meow today. he looooves aurora and playing with her. he loves cartoons (yes he watches them sometimes). he bumped his head on the desk and got his first real bruise. he pulled up on the ottoman for the first time, he's very wobbly but loves to stand and gets really excited. he is famous for a 'little scrunched up nose face' these days and showing his teeth and doing really loud sniffs. I caught him on video snoring away in his buggy today.

told you he was a busy little guy.

hmm, the food department... Colt has basically been on a 'milk only, I hate food' phase the past month, which has been exhausting and slightly confusing. he finally this past week is back into solids. he loooves cottage cheese! finger foods are a big hit too.. anything with some texture. he's too much of a big boy for silly baby purees apparently. as well Colt is a pescetarian like his mommy and daddy, and is doing very well so far without meat. he is still getting most nutrients from his milk though, so as he begins weaning and living off of food we may end up giving him meat. we will be seeing a dietician soon to make the best choices for him and our chosen diet.

in other 'green' type news, he is soon to be outgrowing the majority of his cloth diapers, so we will soon be searching for new ones. I'm so happy we are cloth diapering. so many doubted this choice, and I'm proud to say we are still doing it. baby Colt is starting off his life right for this planet. :)

he is growing up so fast I could write an update everyday.. if I had time to sit down from chasing him. lol.
oh one last thing. he is cuter than ever.

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