Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's a GIRL!!! sooo excited, and so surprised. :)
Had to go out and buy a few girly girl things. I'm in love already.

She (have to get used to that, I've been saying "he" for 20 weeks) was moving all around during the ultrasound. The tech said she had to chase her all over the place, and I could feel her kicking like crazy. After she was done all her measuring and looking at all of the baby's vital organs, heart, brain, etc. she called Rob into the room. This technician was wonderful, she really showed us so much and just let us watch her stretching her legs and arms and rolling around for quite some time. I really appreciated it! After a few minutes Rob said, "so, it's a boy? I think it's a boy" and she took a look over. I also said I thought it was a boy, and she goes "well, it's a girl!" :) I teared up. haha, so happy!

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