Monday, March 9, 2009

rock & roller

he rolls! He has done it twice before from back to tummy, but they were kind of accidental I think. Last night, he was very very determined to roll over and does this little face smush wiggle into the floor until he suddenly flips. Then he cries because he hates being on his tummy, but it was awesome. I was too amazed by watching him to take my eyes away long enough to grab the video camera, but one will follow soon. He started the face smush wiggle a few times today but didn't care enough to go all the way, so hopefully we'll get another roll soon. I think today he was just camera shy. :)

Also, Colt visited his aunties (who are 3.5 years and 1.5 years old) as well as his best buddy Miles (3 weeks older than Colt) and looooves seeing other little people! too cute.

In food news:
bananas with rice cereal - good
bananas on their own - good (in his little mesh fruit feeder)
avocado - bad, very very bad (and hilarious)
avocado with rice cereal and milk - still very very bad
avocado in the fruit feeder - must be poison

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