Sunday, March 29, 2009

shadow puppets

so the other night Colt decided 3am was a fun time to wake up and PLAY! yay. (for 3 hours!)
He was rolling around and play yelling in his crib for awhile then came into bed with me, only to continue playing. He thought it was hilarious to grab my nose and chin while I was trying to sleep, and kicking my face was also tremendous fun! As he was kicking his toes in the air and clapping his feet, he noticed the shadows they were making on the wall. He started kicking them like crazy, then would stop and watch for the shadows, then start up again. tooooo cute!
I was a mean mommy and turned the light off though. lol. 20 mins of back rubbing later, he was sound asleep.
I love waking up to his little smiling face...

1 comment:

  1. colt's so smart about remembering stuff too. it's great to watch him figure these things out