Monday, March 16, 2009

sunny day cave baby

some warm weather is finally upon us and it is SO nice to get out of the house with Colt. He took his first couple of stroller rides without the car seat and really likes sitting up like a big boy. He is getting pretty big for his car seat these days.
We went for a hike at some nearby caves on Sunday with my mom and Aurora. It was pretty awesome! I wore Colt on my back in a hiking carrier and he really enjoyed it. He was wearing his little baby banz (headband sunglasses). Since it was so nice out the trails were pretty busy and so many people that passed us were like "aww did you see the babys glasses?"
too cute.

We will have to go back sometime without Colt though so we can actually climb down into the caves with some flashlights. They were a lot more impressive than I thought, and it's strange how it was the first time going there and they are literally 5 minutes from our house!!

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